March 15, 2021: BIDS publishes “Readings in Bangladesh Development”
The Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) commemorated the Bangabandhu
Birth Centenary by publishing two volumes of “Readings in Bangladesh Development” edited
by K.A.S. Murshid, Minhaj Mahmud and Kazi Iqbal. The articles in these volumes are compiled
of research carried out by BIDS researchers over the period 1972-2020 on many critical
aspects of development, and thus outlines a development journey that will inform, inspire, and
hopefully encourage further explorations in our contemporary economic history.
March 3, 2021: Bangladesh Is Becoming South Asia’s Economic Bull
As reported by Wall Street Journal journalist Mike Bird, Bangladesh has become the closest
proxy in South Asia for the successful development models seen at various
stages in South Korea, China, and Vietnam. Export-led development has the best modern
track record of moving countries from very low-income levels into middle-income status.
March 1, 2021: Bangladesh is expected to graduate from LDC status in 2026
As reported in the Daily Star, if everything goes well, Bangladesh will graduate from the
UN’s Least Developed Country (LDC) status in 2026. At the second triennial review by the
Committee for Development Policy of the United Nations (UN-CDP) held during February
22-26, 2021, Bangladesh received the final recommendation to graduate from the least
developed country (LDC) category. The country has once again met all three criteria to
graduate from the LDC group. These are per capita gross national income (GNI), human
assets index (HAI) and economic vulnerability (EVI) index.
February 18, 2021: Bangladesh seeks technical support in preserving Sundarbans
As reported by the Daily Star, Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen has requested technical
cooperation from the United States in preserving the Sundarbans, which is the last of South
Asia's mangrove forest.
January 21, 2021: Bangladesh received Covid-19 Vaccine
As reported by The Deccan Herald, Bangladesh and Nepal received Covid-19 vaccines
Covishield) from India under grants assistance on Thursday. Furthermore, as previously
(January 10, 2021) reported by Anadolu Agency, Bangladesh has decided to buy COVID-19
vaccine developed by Pfizer-BioNTech through COVAX, a platform to ensure coronavirus
shots reach those in greatest need.
Deccan Herald Report
Anadolu Agency Report
December 11, 2020: Covid-19 Vaccine: The first batch to be here in early January
As reported by the Daily Star and other newspapers, the first consignment of Oxford-
Astrazeneca Covid-19 vaccine will reach the country by early January, said Health Minister
Zahid Maleque.
Nov. 16, 2020: Bangladesh on track to becoming a $6b pharma market by 2025
The pharmaceutical market of Bangladesh is expected to surpass $6 billion by 2025 with an
absolute growth of 114 per cent from its 2019 levels, according to a report from a Dublin-
based market insight and analysis firm, Research and Markets.
October 19, 2020: The culture of victim blaming must end
In an article published in The Guardian, Shireen Huq and Syeda Samara Mortada write
that here has been growing outrage among Bangladeshi citizens over the past two weeks

at a string of gruesome gang rapes and sexual assaults reported in the media. There is a
deep lack of confidence that the victims will ever get justice, as well as anxiety over the
traditionally-held view that a woman and her family lose “honour” when she is raped.
September 8, 2020: New regional office of the Global Center on Adaptation
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and Netherlands’
Prime Minister Mark Rutte launched a new regional office of the Global Center on Adaptation
(GCA) in Dhaka. The regional office will work with and support South Asian governments, city
mayors, business leaders, investors, communities and civil society in accelerating and scaling
effective adaptation solutions to tackle the climate emergency.
New book on Bangladesh's Macroeconomic Policies
Edited by Monzur Hossain, this new book on trends, determinants and impacts of
Bangladesh’s macroeconomic policies contains 17 chapters written by outstanding
macroeconomists, mostly from Bangladesh. It evaluates various macroeconomic policies and
reflects on a future direction in terms of four central themes: growth and poverty; monetary
and fiscal policy; international trade and finance; and finance (including aid) and growth.
August 24, 2020: Getting China-funded projects back on track
As reported by Rejaul Karim Byron and Jagaran Chakma for the Daily Star, the government
of Bangladesh has scheduled talks with Chinese officials as part of its efforts to give impetus
to the mega projects held up by the coronavirus pandemic. Bangladesh’s development
came to a grinding halt in late March after the government was compelled to enforce
a strict countrywide shutdown to limit the spread of the deadly virus. With the reopening of the
economy, the government is looking to run the major projects in full swing.

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